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Each week, clients will ask us at CBS, "What is the best way to build our website’s search engine rankings?"

Our first answer back to them is nearly always, "Add a blog and/or a forum to your site."

Search engines love it when your website has fresh relevant content added to it on a regular basis. That up-to-date content can come in a variety of forms. The easiest and best way we have found is to keep posting articles and opinions to a blog or introduce new topics into a forum.

A blog generally offers one point of view from a single writer or designated group of writers. In contrast, a forum is usually more open with a variety of views presented, often with back and forth discussion on a subject. Either way, your posts to blogs or forums, when properly optimized for search, will tend to rank very well on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. And adding new posts is easy, requiring little technical training.

Regular posts to blogs and forums are worthwhile for much more than just search engine placement. They can also help to strengthen your customer relationships. Rather than being “boiler plate copy,” thoughtful posts are often far more engaging to the reader. They can relate to the issues of the day or to those of the industry and tailor them personally to the intended audience.

In this way, your blog or forum posts can pull site visitors into the mindset of your organization or to the specific writer (e.g. your CEO or president). This is a great way to engage visitors and customers and build relationships one post at a time.

Blogs also allow your organization the opportunity to demonstrate market expertise and leadership. By posting to blogs and forums to weigh-in on current trends in the field or to comment on the latest issues of importance to your target customers, your organization can establish its “bona fides” in the industry.

Setting up and maintaining a blog or forum is very cost-effective. Set-up costs are usually under $200, and blogs can be done on the WordPress or .NET platform.

If you would like to add a blog to your website, give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did.

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