Get Some In-Site!

Whether you are looking for a simple E-commerce approach for a few products or a more sophisticated application that allows you to sell hundreds or even thousands of products from your website, CBS Systems has the solution for you.

Our cutting edge E-commerce packages provide a number of all-in-one solutions tailored to fit your needs and are flexible and scalable to adjust to your online selling challenges.

Your CBS Systems solution package has capabilities well beyond any ordinary shopping cart approach. To begin with, our winning array of E-commerce tools includes a secure shopping cart system. Even our shopping cart system has built-in protection features designed to protect your underlying database from outside intrusions.

You see, at CBS, even our name is derived from the fact that we provide complete business solutions to our clients, especially those seeking E-commerce packages. Our plans can help you …

  • Manage drop-shipping from outside vendors and warehouses
  • Work with multiple vendors and multiple warehouses
  • Maintain your perpetual inventory records and many more options

Another feature of the CBS complete solution approach is to provide you with the tools to help you get to know your customer even better.

CBS's "Viz Tracker" visitor tracking service can help answer questions like:

  • What were your customers looking for when they came to your site?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Once on your site, how long did each visitor stay, did they buy anything and, if so, what?
  • Are they a new or repeat customer?

Making this kind of data instantly accessible can help you see whether and how your ads, promotions and pay-per-click programs are working. Moreover, it helps you pick up on subtle changes in your customers' viewing and buying habits. Can that kind of data be useful to you and your organization? Want to learn more about "Viz Tracker"? Click here.

CBS's innovations in E-commerce solutions don't end there. We have created a unique approach to maximizing your online impact — our patented "Landing Page Maker" software.

What exactly is "Landing Page Maker"? It is CBS's exclusive program that allows you to create custom landing pages in just minutes, with no HTML knowledge required. It is so unique that it is patented. And the landing pages that this software produces are not cookie-cutter templates, but high quality, high converting pages that are search-engine-friendly.

Each one can be seamlessly integrated into your E-commerce website. In addition, Landing Page Maker can be used to increase the relevancy of your copy and your "Quality Score" for Google Ad Words or other pay-per-click ad programs. The pages also can be linked with other traffic-generating websites.

This flexible and very powerful program is available now for your review and trial at prices that will make you wish that you had found "Landing Page Maker" last week, last month or last year. To find out more about this remarkable software, Click here.

When we talk about the possible features that CBS Systems can build into your E-commerce website, you might be thinking that we're talking about 10, or even 15, options. Instead, there are conservatively more than twice that many.