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Streamline Your Product Distribution Affordably

CBS Systems Intelligent Distribution System can provide your organization with a powerful component-based system, one designed especially for distributors or manufacturers with physical product distribution needs. This easy-to-customize application overcomes some of the daily challenges of distribution and related customer service.

It is especially effective if you have a small to medium-sized company, one looking to increase sales, improve customer service and better manage your sales network. Above all, IDS can help your company reduce its operating costs. Here are some of the customized functions contained in the IDS modules:

Customer Modules:
  • Own User Name & Password
  • Multi-Address System
  • Multi-Credit Card System
  • Secured Transactions
  • Multi-User Types
  • Multi-Catalog System
  • Multi-Price-Level System
  • Multi-Level Price List
  • Advanced Product Search
  • Multi-Navigation System
  • Receiving the Shopping Cart / Order
  • Review the Shopping Cart / Order
  • Credit Card Validation System
  • Effective Order Processing
  • Displays Order in an Elegant Manner
  • Customer-Related Transactions
Operation Modules :
  • User Tracking
  • Order Tracking
  • Customer Statements
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Vendor Profile Management
  • Establishing Sales Targets
  • Back Orders
  • Target Analysis
  • Stock Analysis
  • Sales Commission System
  • Sales Analysis
  • Credit Card Validations

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