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A merchant account is a bank account that enables a business to accept customer payments by credit cards, debit cards or other online payment transfers. A company can enter into a merchant agreement directly with an acquiring bank, or through a payment aggregator like PayPal or

In either case, there is an agreement between the company (merchant) and the merchant account that compels that company to obey a number of operating regulations that have been put in place by the various card brands. These regulations always include a base fee that must be paid for each transaction and a percentage of the total of the transaction amount.

The percentage amount can often vary by the type of card submitted, how the charge was accepted, and even what information was submitted. There are also other fees for chargebacks, monthly minimums, disputed charges and even statement fees. You need to be aware of these costs up front.

CBS Systems can work with your organization to help you apply for and secure the best merchant account to fit your needs and budget. We will help you find the best possible rates for processing your transactions so that you can accept credit cards, debit cards, payment services and E-checks.

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