Get Some In-Site!
Content Management Sites

If your organization requires that your website be updated often, it makes sense to build a Content Management System (CMS) into that site. This allows your people to update and control your site content (data, copy, graphics) on their own with little or no programming knowledge required. Details »

Landing Page Maker

Landing Page Maker super-software is so unique that it is patented. LPM provides your business a revolutionary method for creating 100% organic static and dynamic landing pages in under 15 minutes! This leads to higher natural search ranking and lower cost for targeted pay-per-click searches. Details »

IDS Customized Distribution Software

CBS Systems Intelligent Distribution System is a powerful component-based system, especially designed for small through medium-sized distributors and manufacturers with physical product distribution needs. This easy-to-customize application brings the daily challenges and costs of distribution and customer service down to size. Details »

Blogs and Forums

A key method of enhancing your site’s search engine rankings and visitor interest is to continually add fresh content. The easiest way to add the most relevant and engaging content is to attach a blog and/or a forum to the site. A blog generally represents one point of view from a single writer or designated group of writers. A forum is usually more open, with a variety of views presented. Details »

Web Portals

Web portals compile, organize and disseminate a variety of information from other sources or sites. A CBS portal allows you to bring together this diverse information from multiple sources for easy access by your customers, partners and vendors. This creates a tool for conveying features, benefits and prices, as well as for capturing leads or sales. Details »

Online Live Chat

Want to boost your sales conversion rates by up to 20 per cent? Customers visiting your website often look for instant answers to their questions. CBS can provide your website (or sites) with a high quality and easy-to-use “Live Chat” application. It is extremely flexible and can be applied to one or more sites or departments at the same time. Details »

SSL Certificates

The SSL protocol assures businesses and consumers that any of their confidential data, such as credit card numbers or other sensitive information, that's sent to a website, is encrypted and kept private. The SSL Certificate that CBS can provide is your customers’ assurance that your site meets trusted data encryption standards. Details »

Credit Card Payment Gateways

Today, many of your customers, clients and patients rely on the convenience and security of making purchases online using credit cards and debit cards. CBS Systems can help you process transactions and payments through our unique online gateways and shopping carts. Details »

Merchant Accounts

CBS Systems can work with your company or organization to help you apply for and secure a merchant account so that your website can accept credit cards, debit cards, payment services and E-checks. We will also help you get the best possible rates for processing your transactions. Details »

VizTracker Customer Tracking

Top marketers are helped by knowing exactly who visits their websites (new or return customers), what products they are looking for and how they came to look at the company's website in the first place. CBS's VizTracker program is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based analytics service that you can order for all your websites. Details »