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WEB 2.0 – Taking Your Websites and Technology to the Next Level

Web 2.0 is the second generation of web technology, along with imaginative website design that makes optimum use of that technology. Some of these constantly evolving approaches are social networking sites, blogs, wikis, new communications tools, RSS Feeds, SOAP, Podcasts, video sharing and folksonomies.

Web 2.0 puts a heavy emphasis on sharing, increased participation and online collaboration among users.

Web 2.0 Key Principles:
  • Utilizing the Web as a platform
  • Data becomes the driving force
  • Network effects created by and enhanced by an architecture of participation
  • Innovation through the assembling of systems and sites by pulling together features from distributed, independent developers (a kind of "open-source" development)
  • Lightweight business models enabled by content and service syndication
  • The end of the software adoption cycle ("the perpetual beta")
  • Software above the level of a single device, leveraging the power of the long tail.

Web 2.0 applications use Ajax-based techniques, Microformats, RSS/Atom, XML Webservice APIs, WordPress and other related tools.

Among the Web 2.0 Services that CBS Offers Are:
  • Developing new Web 2.0 applications for your business
  • Adding Web 2.0 features to your existing websites
  • Creating new websites that include Web 2.0-based applications
  • Migrating existing web applications to Web 2.0
  • Maintenance of existing Web 2.0-based applications

CBS Systems will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding Web 2.0 and how it could positively impact your company. Just give us a call or send us an E-mail.