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Data Management System

Manage Leads and Customers database in one place to track the business interaction and communications.


Maintain all your business leads and customer contact which helps you to grow revenue in real-time.

Employee / Affiliate Mgmt.

Keeps your employee and affiliate profile in an organized manner and assign appropriate access rights for them.

Task Mgmt.

Plan, track, and assign tasks to individuals or groups to complete the job on time.

Sales Management System

Reach high revenue by making sales calls, and track complete statistics of sales activity.

Lead / Customer Score

Scale your lead/customer in rank prospects to determine the sales enablement.

Follow-up Mgmt.

Track and manage customers and leads sales follow-up actions to win the deals.

Marketing Management System

Promote and sell the products/services by understanding the needs and purpose of leads/customers.

Email List

Create an email list for leads/customers and send single or bulk emails to achieve the target.

Campaign Mgmt.

A proprietary unique algorithm developed by CBS for sending bulk Email campaigns to achieve sales targets.

Campaign Tracking

Get notifications about the clicked and viewed emails from SLGT CRM to start sales follow-up.


Send unique templates according to your marketing strategy.

Ticket Management System

An effective interaction tool helps you to organize and manage customer queries and to resolve CRM issues.


Systematic way of monitoring the performance of the business in real-time.

Data Analytics

Analyze the status of your contacts to make further business decisions.

Sales Analytics

Visually monitor sales performance and manage sales team activities.

Marketing Analytics

Measure the marketing performance to maximize the return on investment.


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ECommerce Platform


CBS Systems helps in providing a complete web solution for small and medium enterprises to improve profitability, efficiency, and growth.

Lots of Features :

We have a lot of features to execute and optimize your website to work smarter with the help of our team. Some of them are,

  • eCommerce Platform: ASP.NET, CSS, HTML… Your site speaks through our language.
  • SEO: To attain well in website ranking on SERP(Search Engine Results Pages).
  • SEM: A paid advertisement to acquire traffic for a website.
  • Hosting: Provides fast, reliable, and highly secure hosting for the company site.
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