Email Marketing - To Nurture Leads

Email Marketing - To Nurture Leads


Nowadays, The Internet is radically changing the way, people search and receive information. On businesses, luckily this interconnectedness allows them to deliver content in different ways: social media, blogging, video, audio, and a host of other interactive platforms. Plus, let’s not forget email. You can also select the best CRM for email marketing that lessens your burden.


Email marketing is very much alive. A recent study says that more than 80% of B2B and B2C companies are still using email marketing technologies as part of their marketing strategies. The email content is six times more likely to be clicked than tweeted content. The numbers, compiled by experts and practitioners in the field of marketing, are compelling indeed. Automation, mobile, personalization, engagement, or ROI are echoing the same point—but email is still highly relevant in the modern age.


Personalized Email Marketing


Personalized Emails

To make your prospects to take notice of your message, you need to do so much more than just push your content. Personalizing your emails means you know your subscribers well enough to know what they’re looking for. At the right time and via the right channel, we should be ready to give it to them.

Some of the ways to maximize your personalized email strategies are as follows:


Practice Segmentation


Practicing Segmentation in Your Email Marketing means grouping your leads by their browsing activity, demographic information, and purchase history. This grouped data can then be used to customize your email, making them more relevant to any particular group of contacts.


Segmenting the Email enables you to track your leads’ activity according to the category they belong to. With this information, you can come up with different customer personas. Providing the relevant content that’s valuable to each persona group is our next move.


Offer Well-Tailored Content


We should understand that “creating relevant and compelling content” is the most effective and the most challenging email marketing tactic. So let's see how we do it?


Use personalized emails to direct your customers to a landing page on your website, which should have the same look and copy as your email, including CTAs is. The idea is identifying your customer segments, writing custom emails for each segment, and developing several landing pages for that particular segment. With this strategy, you give your leads an integrated, personalized email experience and encourage them to convert as customers.


Automate Your Email Marketing


To generate, nurture, and manage leads, and you need tools to automate the majority of the tasks involved in email marketing. These automated tools are not only meant to make things easier for you but also help you to scale things up in the personalized email department as well.


The strategy involves sending emails to accounts that haven’t been active on the platform for some time, encouraging them to engage more. As a welcome greeting, for up-selling or cross-selling pitches, and sending updates about your subscriber’s account we can make use of trigger emails. Check out our CBS-CRM‘s Marketing Management Module that has options to select Additional Email Services in 10K, 100 K, and 1 Million Slabs according to your needs.


The Nature of Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation


Automation is marketing technology in action that enables you in tracking the digital footprints of your leads, turning those interactions into insights about the customers’ sales journey, and help you in crafting better content to drive prospects towards a purchase decision. Simply go for free trial signup at CBS Systems Corp and avail of free Sales Lead Generation CBS-CRM with Email Marketing.





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