CBS-CRM - Terms of Use

In addition to the CBS General Terms of Service, the applicable CBS entity listed here (from now on "CBS") provides CBS-CRM, a customer relationship management service, to you or the entity that you represent (from now on "you" or "your"), under the following terms and conditions (from now on "Terms"). You agree to the terms and general terms of service by using CBSCRM. Do not proceed or use CBSCRM in any way if you do not agree to the terms.

Getting into CBS-CRM

CBS's online business, productivity, and collaboration app package includes CBS-CRM. You can access CBS-CRM using your common account for all CBS Services (henceforth referred to as your "CBS Account").

Accessing other CBS services

CBS-CRM is connected with numerous CBS Services. Even if certain CBS Services are not associated with CBS-CRM, you can still use your CBS Account to access all other CBS Services. Acceptance of the terms of service (henceforth, "Service Specific Terms") applicable to sure of these CBS Services may be necessary to use them. For the relevant CBS Service to be used, you must read, understand, and consent to the Service Specific Terms.

Email guidelines

We support the appropriate use of email. Your account won't be able to send any more emails if your email bounce rate goes above a certain threshold. When sending commercial emails using CBS-CRM, you must abide by the terms of our anti-spam policy.

It is up to us to maintain our system free from illicit activity. To preserve our reputation and improve deliverability for our clients, emails sent through CBS-CRM will be tracked using automated tools. If you break these rules, we can stop sending emails from your account or cancel your subscription.

Add-on for mail in CBS-CRM

With the Mail Add-on for CBS-CRM (hereafter called "Mail Add-on"), you may retrieve, examine, write, and send emails directly from your CBS-CRM account. If a user's Mail Add-on settings (hereafter referred to as "Configuration") is set to "record level" or "complete," the emails retrieved may remain a part of the CBS-CRM account and be accessible to other users based on the administrator-specified permissions. Once the configuration is locked by the administrator and set to "record level" or "complete," you won't be able to change it without the administrator's permission.

Limitations on CBS-CRM usage

CBS may impose utilization caps depending on the subscription plan you select. To ensure uninterrupted service, you must ensure your consumption stays below the usage limits CBS sets. You acknowledge that if you exceed the use restriction associated with an activity, CBS may restrict it.

Changes to the terms of use

The CBS-CRM Terms of Use are subject to change at any time. Any changes made to the Terms of Use take effect as soon as you use CBS-CRM after they are published.

Privacy Policy

An overview of our privacy statement

It includes all the goods and services offered on the CBS websites that link to this. The detailed policy is the actual legal document, organized in the same manner as this overview.

Our pledge to protect your privacy: CBS has never made money by displaying other people's advertisements or selling your information to a third party for advertising and we never will. The information we gather from you, how we use it, who can access it and how you can manage it are all included in this privacy statement.

Section I: Details CBS gathers and manages.

We just gather the data that we require. Some of that comes from information you voluntarily provide us when you create an account, sign up for an event, contact customer service or purchase from us. We keep your name and contact details on file, but we do not keep credit card numbers (unless you expressly authorize us to do so using one of our secure payment gateways).

We automatically record certain basic information when you use our software or visit one of our websites. This includes the URL you came from, the pages you visited and the features and settings you used. We use this data to enhance our services and websites and inform the creation of new products.

Information sometimes finds its way to us indirectly. We will contact you if you use an authentication services provider like Google or LinkedIn to log in to one of our products or inquire about our items through a reselling partner or referral program. We'll use that information to address your request. We can view your interactions and profile information on social media when you like, comment, retweet, mention or follow our brand. We will still hold such information even if you remove it from the social networking site later.

How we handle your information

We use your information to create and manage your accounts, deliver the services you've requested, and monitor your accounts for unauthorized activity. In addition, we use it to keep in touch with you regarding the goods you use now, support inquiries from you, potential new products, opportunities for input, and updates to our policies. We examine the data we gather to comprehend user requirements and enhance our services and websites.

There must be a legitimate reason for us to gather and use your information. Most of the time, we either have your permission to use the information or require it to fulfill your request for a service. If not, we must prove we have an alternative legal foundation, such as our legitimate business interests.

You can refuse to use specific types of information by later opting out or not submitting the information in the first place. You can also disable cookies to stop your browser from providing us with information, although doing so might cause some aspects of the website to malfunction. Every CBS website and product has its third-party cookies fully disabled, including invasive and unnecessary ones.

We restrict who can access your personal information, including our employees and contractors. Suppose we disclose your information to third parties (developers, service providers, domain registers, and reselling partners). In that case, they must protect it with the necessary safeguards and have a legitimate purpose for using it: assisting you.

Certain rights (such as access, rectification, deletion, restriction of processing, data portability, right to object, and complaint) are granted to data subjects under the European Economic Area (EEA). CBS promises to give you the same rights regardless of where you decide to live. We keep your information on file for as long as is required to achieve the objectives specified in this privacy statement. Depending on the situation, we will either isolate, anonymize, or destroy your information when we are no longer required by law to process it.

Part II: Data processed by CBS on your behalf

Using CBS apps to manage other people's data—such as client or employee information—permits us to process such data. If you use a CBS mobile app and allow it access to your contacts and photo collection, you are entrusting us with data. Service data is the information you give us to process.

Your service data is your property. We safeguard it, restrict access to it, and only use it for your specified purposes. You can view it, request that we export or remove it, and share it via integrations with third parties. Your data will be automatically removed from our active database after six months of your account cancellation and from our backups within three months of that same period.

You have the Right to request specific actions from us about your data if you are a European Economic Area resident and think that someone (such as your employer or a business whose services you use) has permitted us to process your information. Please contact the individual or company that gave us the data to exercise those rights. We will collaborate with them to fulfill your request.

Section III: Overview

We can guarantee you that the privacy we guarantee has certain limitations. We will divulge personal information if necessary to uphold an agreement, avoid fraud, comply with legal requirements or for the safety of our users. We do not respect Do Not Track signals from web browsers; we will abide by any universal standard that evolves for handling them.

You can always contact us if you have any queries about our privacy policies, need a Data Processing Addendum that complies with GDPR, think we may have obtained personal information from a minor, or want your details to be deleted from our blogs or forums. Additionally, you can review our privacy and security policies.

We will notify you in the improbable event that we choose to sell our business or if we make any significant changes to our privacy statement.

Statement of privacy

The CBS Group, which is made up of all the organizations indicated here, is the entity that has created this privacy statement (collectively, "CBS," "we," "us," or "our").

CBS's dedication to privacy

CBS had prioritized user and customer privacy for over 11 years before it was deemed fashionable, politically correct or mandated by law. We simply request the minimal information required, obtaining just what we consider necessary for conducting business or for the particular transaction under consideration. Customers can choose not to participate in specific interactions and are informed about the information we have about them. Our most significant promise is that we will never make a dime from advertising income, not even from the free versions of our products.

By doing this, we can avoid the inherent conflict of interest that arises from collecting consumer data to support advertising income and the inevitable privacy compromises resulting from it. This policy aims to clarify the data we collect, how we plan to use it, and what we won't. We regret that this policy is more extended than we would like, but we must handle every pertinent circumstance. We shall make every effort to speak understandably and straightforwardly.

This privacy policy's scope

Any CBS websites that link to this policy are subject to its terms. This policy also covers the goods and services that CBS offers via these websites, our mobile apps and the apps that CBS posts on its online marketplace and other third-party websites. This policy does not cover our websites, goods or services with privacy policies.

There are three sections to this policy:

Section I: Data that CBS gathers and manages

This section explains how CBS gathers and utilizes data regarding users of its products and services, website visitors, prospective clients and others who contact CBS via forms or email addresses posted on or connected to our websites.

Section II: Data processed by CBS on your behalf

This section explains how CBS uses the data you entrust to us when you use our services and products or contact us with private or sensitive information to get customer help.

Section III: Overview

Our section covers subjects covered in Parts I and II and some general subjects, including CBS's security pledges and how we'll let you know when our privacy statement changes.

What data did CBS gather?

We only gather your data when necessary for one of our authorized uses. Only one of three scenarios will apply to CBS's possession of your data:

  1. You voluntarily submitted the data.
  2. CBS automatically gathered the data.
  3. CBS acquired the data from a third party.

The scenarios that fit into those three categories and the data gathered for each are explained below.

Details that you give us

  1. Account signup: To access one or more of our services, you must first create an account. We need your name, phone number, email address, company name, and country. To acquire access to the recently created account, you need to choose a username and password. While we don't need it to create an account, you can give us additional details like your language, time zone, and photo. After registering, you can select a security question and an answer; if you choose to supply these, they will only be used when you reset your password.
  2. Event registrations and other form submissions: When you
    1. Sign up for our newsletter or any other mailing list
    2. Register for any event, including webinars or seminars
    3. Fill out a form to obtain any product, whitepaper or other materials
    4. Take part in competitions or surveys
    5. Fill out a form to get in touch with CBS for any other reason, request customer service, or obtain a quote.
  3. Payment processing: We require your name, contact details, credit card number or other payment account information when you make a purchase from us. When you enter your card information, we save the cardholder's name, address, credit card number's last four digits and expiration date. The credit card number itself is not kept on file by us. If you have permitted us, we may retain your credit card number or other payment information in an encrypted format on the safe servers of our Payment Gateway Service Providers for expedited processing of subsequent payments.
  4. Testimonials: We may use your name and other personal information in testimonials about our goods and services that you permit us to post on websites. Before the testimonial is posted, you will have a chance to check and approve it. You can contact us at if you want to change or remove your testimonial.
  5. Interactions with CBS: Email, phone, and chat chats with our sales and customer service representatives are only a few ways to record, examine, and utilize your interactions to enhance our communications with you and other clients.

Data that we automatically gather

  1. Information from browsers, devices and servers: We collect information that is made available by web browsers, mobile devices and servers when you visit our websites. This data includes the IP address, browser type, preferred language, time zone, referring URL, operating system, mobile device model and details about the mobile network. We incorporate these into our log files to learn more about the people who visit our websites.
  2. Data from cookies and tracking technologies: We employ permanent and temporary cookies to improve user experience and identify service users. To monitor product usage, we incorporate distinct identifiers within our downloadable items. To identify visitors, monitor website navigation, collect demographic data about visitors and users, assess the efficacy of email campaigns and enable targeted visitor and user engagement by monitoring your website activities, we also employ cookies, beacons, tags, scripts and other comparable technologies. We mostly employ first-party cookies on our websites; we don't use third-party cookies or any other kind of third-party tracking technology for tracking that isn't required or annoying. Here is more information about the cookies that are used on our websites. Here's more information regarding CBS's position against tracking technologies and non-essential, invasive third-party cookies. Additionally, we save preferences and content information in first-party Local Storage Objects (LSOs) like HTML5 to provide specific functionality.

Data that we obtain from outside sources

  1. Signups with supported federated authentication service providers: LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Google are just a few examples of the federated authentication service providers you can use to log in to CBS Services. These services will verify your identification and offer you the choice to provide us with specific personal data, including your email address and name.
  2. Referrals: We may have received your name, email address and other personal information if someone recommended our goods or services via one of our referral programs. To request that we delete your information from our database, please email . We will only use the information that you or someone else provides us for the purposes for which it was intended. This applies to information about other people as well.
  3. Details from our service providers and reselling partners: If you get in touch with any of our reselling partners or show them that you're interested in any of our products or services, the reselling partner might provide CBS your name, email address, business name and other details. The event organizer may share your information if you sign up for or attend a CBS-sponsored event. In addition, if you leave a remark on any review of our goods or services, review sites and other third-party service providers with whom we work to promote our goods or services may additionally supply CBS with information about you.
  4. Information from social media sites and other publicly accessible sources: We may gather publicly accessible information, such as profile information, when you interact with us, post reviews or feedback about our products or engage with us on review sites, marketplaces, or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter through posts, comments and other interactions. This information helps us stay in touch with you, improve our products, better understand user reactions and issues or reproduce and publish your reviews on our websites. We must warn you that we may retain the information from these sites even if you remove it. Additionally, CBS might update or add data about you from other publicly accessible sources.

Reasons for utilizing data

We may use your information for the following purposes in addition to the ones listed above: To get in touch with you (by email, for example) regarding downloaded goods and services, modifications to this privacy statement, changes to the terms of service, or critical announcements;

To provide you with updates on new goods and services, forthcoming occasions, deals, special offers, and other details we believe you'll find interesting;

To request feedback on our goods and services or to ask you to take part in surveys;

To create and manage your account, as well as perform any other tasks necessary to deliver our services, like facilitating communication, hosting websites and emails, and backing up and retrieving data;

To learn how customers utilize our goods and services, to keep an eye out for and avert issues, and to continuously enhance our offerings;

To offer customer service, as well as to evaluate and enhance our communications with clients;

To report spam, identify and stop fraudulent transactions and other unlawful activity, and defend the rights and interests of CBS, its users, outside parties, and the general public;

To find new clients, update, grow, and evaluate our records, and provide goods and services that might be of interest to you;

To better understand what visitors are looking for and assist them, we analyze trends, manage our websites, and monitor visitor navigation;

To keep an eye on, tweak, and provide user-relevant recommendations for marketing initiatives. Justifications legally for gathering and utilizing data

The basis for legal processing that applies to CBS: Our legal basis for gathering and using information about you, if you are a person from the European Economic Area (EEA), varies depending on the type of personal information we collect and how we collect it. A contractual requirement, one or more legitimate interests of CBS or a third party that are not superseded by your data protection interests, or your consent are usually the basis for most of our information collection and processing operations. Sometimes, we may need your personal information to protect your vital interests or someone else's interests. Other times, we may be required by law to collect your information.

Consent withdrawal: In cases where we use your consent as a legal justification, you are free to change your mind at any moment, but doing so won't impact previously completed processing.

Notice about legitimate interests: If we use legitimate interests as our legal foundation and those interests aren't mentioned above, we will tell you exactly what those legitimate interests are when we gather your data.

Your decision regarding the use of information

Unsubscribe from non-essential electronic communications: You can use the 'unsubscribe' option found in all non-essential messages to stop receiving newsletters and other such communications. All crucial notifications and emails will still be delivered to you, including password change and renewal reminders, account notifications, security incident alerts, security and privacy updates, and transactional and payment-related emails.

Turn off cookies: You can turn off cookies in your browser before using our websites. However, this might prevent you from properly using some of the website's functions.

Optional information: You can withhold profile details like your photo. Additionally, you can edit or remove any optional profile data. Any form you submit that links to one of our websites allows you to omit any non-mandatory fields.

With whom we exchange your data

The data presented in Part I is accessible to all of the CBS group companies indicated below. We don't market personal data. We disclose your information only to parties who have taken the necessary security and confidentiality precautions and only use the methods outlined in this privacy policy.

Workers and independent contractors: On a need-to-know basis, workers and independent contractors of pertinent CBS group organizations are granted access to the information included in Part I. Regarding any personal information we disclose with them, we require all CBS group entities' employees and independent contractors to abide by this privacy policy.

Domain registrars: When you register a domain via CBS, we provide your name and contact information—including your physical address, email address, and phone number—to domain name registrars in compliance with ICANN domain registration standards.

Reselling partners: We might provide your personal information to our approved reselling partners in your area, but only so they can contact you regarding downloaded goods or enrolled services. You will have the choice to decide not to collaborate with that partner any longer.

Marketplace application developers: Your name and email address will be shared with the developer so they can communicate with you directly as the application or service provider when you install or buy any application created using CBS's APIs and listed on CBS's online marketplace. The developers' use of your personal information is subject to their respective privacy rules and is not under the authority of CBS.

Additional instances: Part III describes cases in which we might discuss the same facts presented in Parts I and II.

Your rights as a controller about the data we may have on you

Regarding the information CBS has about you, you are entitled to the following rights if you live in the European Economic Area (EEA). CBS promises to give you the same rights regardless of where you decide to live.

Right of access: You are entitled to view (and get a copy of, if needed) the categories of personal data we maintain on you, with details about its origin, intended use, duration of processing, and the people with whom it is shared.

Right to rectification: You are entitled to have any inaccurate information about you updated or corrected. Depending on how we utilize your information, you can direct us to add more information about you to our database.

Right to data portability: When your information is processed automatically or with your consent, you can transfer it to a third party in a structured, frequently used, machine-readable format.

Right to be erased: You are entitled to ask that we remove the Right to protest. In some situations, such as when your data is used for direct marketing, you have the Right to object to how your information is used.

Right to file a complaint: If you have any complaints about how we gather, utilize, or disclose personal information, you are free to file a complaint with the relevant supervisory body. However, if your nation lacks a regulatory body that handles data protection, you might be unable to exercise this Right.

Information retention

We save your data for as long as necessary to fulfill the goals outlined in this privacy statement. Sometimes, if allowed or mandated by law, we might keep your information longer. Examples of these reasons include maintaining suppression lists, preventing abuse, being needed for a legal claim or procedure, enforcing our agreements, and meeting tax, accounting, and other regulatory requirements. We will remove or anonymize your information from our active databases when we no longer have a valid reason to process it. Additionally, until deletion is feasible, we will safely retain the data on backup discs and keep it isolated from additional processing.

Part II: Data processed by CBS on your behalf

Information given to CBS and its intended use

Information submitted in conjunction with services: When using our services or contacting CBS for technical support with our products, you may entrust us with information that you or your organization ("you") controls. This includes data that you retain and use on behalf of another person for a specified purpose, like a client to whom you provide services (if you are a processor) or information about your customers and employees (if you are a controller). When you use our services, the data may be saved on our servers or shared or given to us in connection with a request for other services, including technical help.

Information from mobile devices: Some mobile applications can access your mobile device's camera, microphone, call history, contact details, photo library, files, and other stored data if you grant them access. For our apps to function, they need to have this access. Similarly, location-based data is also gathered when you choose to grant access, and this data is used for various functions, such as finding nearby contacts or creating location-based reminders. This data will only be used to map user locations, and it will only be shared with our mapping suppliers. By changing your mobile device's settings, you may always stop mobile applications from accessing this data. The information that is stored on your mobile device and the location data that the applications access will be used within the application and transferred to and linked to your account in the relevant services (where the data will be kept on our servers) or products (where the data will stay with you until you share it with us).

(All data sent to CBS is called "service data" collectively.)

Control and ownership of your service data

We acknowledge your ownership of your service data. We provide you total control over the information we provide you by enabling you to:

  1. View your data.
  2. Share it with other parties via compatible third-party integrations.
  3. Export or delete your service data based on the request.

How service data is used

We process your service data when you provide instructions via the various service modules. For instance, when you use our invoicing service to create an invoice, details like your customer's name and address will be used; similarly, when you use our campaign management service to send emails to your mailing list subscribers, the email addresses of those individuals will be used.

Notifications via push

Suppose you have enabled push notifications on our desktop and mobile applications. In that case, we will send them via an Apple Push Notification Service, Google Cloud Messaging, or Windows Push Notification Services provider. You may adjust your preferences for push notifications or opt out of them completely by turning them off in the program or device settings.

With whom we exchange service data.

CBS group and third-party sub-processors: The contracting organization within the CBS group works with other group entities and third parties to provide services and technical support for our products.

Workers and independent contractors: We may grant access to your service data to all of our workers and independent contractors who work for the CBS group companies that provide the services (collectively, "employees") so they can:

  1. Recognize, evaluate, and fix errors.
  2. Manually verify emails that have been flagged as spam to enhance spam detection.
  3. Manually check the scanned images you send us to confirm the precision of the optical character recognition. We ensure that only designated personnel have access to your service data and that access is tracked down and reviewed by audit. To provide technical support or import data into our products or services, our personnel will also have access to the information you knowingly provide us. We strictly implement privacy measures inside the CBS group and inform our staff of our privacy and security policies.

Users and other collaborators: You may work with other users or parties using certain of our products or services. Other collaborators may be able to view all or part of your profile information after you start collaborating. To let your collaborators know that you made the changes, for instance, when you make changes to a document you've shared with them for collaboration, your name and profile image will appear next to the changes.

Additional instances: Part III describes cases in which we might disclose information similar to that detailed in Parts I and II.

Information retention

We retain the data in your account for the duration you decide to use CBS Services. Your data will eventually be removed from the active database after the subsequent cleanup, which happens once every six months if you discontinue your CBS user account. After three months, the data removed from the live database will also be removed from the backups.

Requests from data subjects

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area and you think that we handle, store or utilize your data on behalf of one of our clients, please contact them to request access to, correct, remove, limit or object to the processing of, or export, your personal information. To help our customers, we will reply to your request promptly.

Part III-General

Personal information about children

People under sixteen are not intended for our products or services. Children under the age of sixteen do not knowingly provide personal information to CBS for its use. We will take action to remove any personal information that we learn was supplied to us by a child under the age of sixteen. Please send an email to with the facts if you think a kid under the age of 16 has given us personal information. We will take the appropriate action to remove the information on file about that child. However, you can gather data about people who might be children by utilizing our products. You understand and agree that you will be accountable for adhering to the applicable rules and regulations regarding protecting such personal information if you process data about children.

How safe is the information you have?

Here at CBS, data security is a top priority. As a result, we have obtained certification for the industry standards listed here. We have made the necessary administrative, technological, and physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to, use of, alteration of, disclosure of, or destruction of the data you give us. If you are concerned about the security of your data, you are welcome to review our Security Policy or email us at with any questions.

Addendum on data processing

We are ready to sign the relevant Data Processing Addendum (DPA) to help fulfill your data protection requirements. You can fill out this form to request a DPA from CBS. We will deliver the DPA for signature as soon as we receive your request.

Widgets for social networking

Our websites have social media widgets that allow you to share articles and other content, like Facebook "like" buttons and Twitter "tweet" buttons. For these widgets to work effectively, they may set a cookie and gather data about your IP address and the pages you visit on the website. The companies' privacy policies that provide these widgets control how you interact with them.

Disclosures made under the law

To comply with relevant laws, regulations, court orders, or governmental requests—including those pertaining to national security—we may keep or disclose your personal information and service data.

Protection of our rights

We may disclose personal information and service data to a third party if we think it is essential to stop fraud, spamming, investigating suspected criminal conduct, upholding our agreements and policies, or safeguarding user safety.

Transfers of businesses

We have no plans to sell our company. However, we will ensure that the acquiring organization is legally obligated to uphold our agreements if we sell, are bought or merge. You will be notified by email or a clear notice on our website of any changes in ownership or uses of your personal information and service data. Additionally, we will let you know about any options you may have about your service data and personal information.

Observance of this privacy statement

We use all reasonable measures, such as routine reviews, to guarantee that the personal information you supply complies with this privacy policy. Please contact us at if you have any questions about our adherence to this policy or how your personal information is utilized. We'll contact you and, if necessary, collaborate with the appropriate regulatory organizations to manage your concerns appropriately.

Notification of modifications

We reserve the Right to change the Privacy Policy at any time and will tell you by emailing your primary email address or issuing a service announcement. You will receive at least thirty days' notice via email at your primary email address if we make material changes to the Privacy Policy that impact your rights. On the other hand, you can miss crucial email notifications from us if you haven't validated your address. If you think that the updated Privacy Policy infringes upon your rights, you have thirty days to send us an email telling us to stop using our goods or services. Your continued use following the Privacy Policy's effective date will be taken as your acceptance of the updated terms. Notifications via email about minor modifications to the Privacy Policy will not be sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Privacy

From the beginning, we have committed to never misuse, sell, or show advertisements on your data—not even in the free versions of our products. This is our CEO explaining how we view user privacy regarding their data. We declare that we will protect your information, as our information policy states. It describes how we gather, preserve, and use your data. You can also go through our FAQ for additional details about our procedures. For any more questions, please email


1. What CBS is doing in response to GDPR?

CBS has consistently respected the privacy and security of user data. Our constant surpassing of industry norms has shown our dedication to this throughout the years. Beyond what is necessary for our products to operate, we do not currently need to gather or handle personal information about users, and we never plan to. Here, we have a culture that values privacy and GDPR allows us to make it even stronger.

2. What is the General Data Protection Regulation?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy and data protection law that applies to all EU citizens. It governs how firms handle EU citizens' data and gives them more control over their personal information.

The GDPR affects all organizations operating internationally, not simply those with headquarters in the EU or people living there. We value our customers' data regardless of location, making GDPR controls the standard for our global operations. The GDPR went into force on May 25, 2018.

3.What is Personal data?

Personal data is any information about a specific, identifiable person. GDPR applies to a wide range of data that may be used to identify an individual by itself or in conjunction with other data. Personal data is more comprehensive than a person's name or email address. Financial data, political views, genetic information, biometric data, IP addresses, physical addresses, sexual orientation and ethnicity are a few examples.

4. In what way is CBS ready for GDPR?

To comply with this new regulation, we have taken numerous actions.

Through regular conversations on our internal channels, we have increased awareness throughout the organization and instructed staff members on managing data responsibly. They are now aware of the significance of data security and the strict guidelines outlined by GDPR.

We have evaluated each of the CBS products separately in light of the GDPR's requirements, and we've included additional features that will offer you more control over your data and lessen the work involved in complying with the regulations.

Our application teams have given you more control over the data you save in our systems and have embraced the idea of privacy by design. These clauses may change depending on a product's features and industry. We are constantly working to bring you more improvements, which will be released gradually.

We have updated our Data Processing Addendum to comply with GDPR's obligations for data processing (using Model Contractual Clauses as a guide).To obtain a copy of the Data Processing Addendum and indicate which data center you have registered for your CBS account, please send an email to if you are the organization administrator and would want to sign a DPA with us

Based on the findings, we performed data protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and implemented the necessary data processing and management controls.

Internal audits of our management, operations, procedures and products were carried out. Our teams were informed of the results and have now developed fixes.

Our data security procedures and practices have been enhanced due to the DPIAs and internal audits.

Depending on the degree of sensitivity and probability of danger, this also includes encrypting data at rest. We have created internal technologies for improved data discovery and governance. We have cleaned up our databases to ensure we have only the most recent and correct data. As part of our Terms of Service, we will eliminate inactive and canceled accounts throughout this cleansing procedure.

We will notify breaches as necessary under our internal policy for handling privacy incidents. Customers will be contacted within 72 hours of CBS learning of a breach. We will alert people about general situations via our blogs, forums, and social media. When an incident unique to a user or an organization occurs, we will email the relevant person (using their primary email address).

Based on our data flows, inventory, and handling procedures, we have updated our privacy policy to include the requirements of the relevant privacy legislation.

Participate in the live, forum-style Q&A session to receive answers to your inquiries about CBS's revised GDPR-compliant privacy policy. Ask right now!


Frequently Asked Questions on CBS Security

Abuse Policy

We are committed to looking into any infractions that are brought to our attention, and we take seriously any abuse reports about CBS. Please report any content you see on CBS that you believe to violate our terms of service. Once you submit it, we'll look into your report and take the necessary action. We will contact you again if we need more information or have more to give. If we conclude that the reported incident does not constitute a violation, we may close your complaint without receiving a response.

Abuse types

The different types of abuse have been divided into the following groups:

Spam, Malware, and Phishing: It is forbidden for users to send unsolicited bulk emails, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," or "phishing" through the use of CBS Services. An email asking for your credit card number to be eligible for a reward is an example of a phishing effort.

Encourages Violence, Hatred, or Illegal/Offensive Activities CBS expressly prohibits the transmission or publication of any content that

  1. Violates any laws or regulations
  2. Incites hatred, discrimination, or racism
  3. Defames, abuses, harasses, stalks, threatens, or infringes upon the privacy or other legal rights of others.

Material Tagged as Sexually Explicit: Content tagged as adult or mature falls under this category. We don't provide users permission to use CBS Services to publish or send sexually explicit content.

Child Exploitation: Any content that uses children as props is strictly prohibited. This implies that we will delete the accounts of any users who share or post content that involves child abuse. We'll also notify law police about the content and its owner.

Personal and Private Information: Unless individuals have given their express approval, we do not permit the publication of personal or private information about them that is not publicly accessible using CBS services. The following are some examples of private and sensitive data: complete name, phone number, address, social security number, credit card number, government-issued identification card details and bank information.

The act of copying the "expression" of a work by someone other than the copyright holder is known as copyright infringement. We shall take the appropriate steps as outlined below if you find that a CBS user has violated your copyright about your work.

Other Violations: You can select this option to report a violation if you think you have one that does not fit into any of the previously listed categories. Please be aware that for us to take the proper action, you will need to describe the infraction.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries concerning our abuse policy or wish to report any spamming activity by one of our clients. You can contact the abuse department at

Anti-Spam policy

All CBS Services (referred to as "Covered Services") that can be used to send bulk or commercial emails are covered by this policy.

To access the Covered Services, you must accept the CBS Anti-Spam Policy. Sending emails or messages to people from whom you have received explicit consent to send emails or messages on the subject of the email or message is the only purpose for Covered Services (such as permission-based email marketing). Regarding our anti-spam policy, we take it extremely seriously. We retain the right to cancel your user account if you send emails or messages to anyone without their consent.

We refer to "permission" as having been given to you expressly and verifiably. Sending commercial emails is permitted through the following:

Email address provided when placing an order for goods or services from you or downloading anything from your website.

You can sign up for an email newsletter by completing a form on your website.

You have notified the person who gave you their email address to participate in one of your surveys, events, or contests, and you have the right to send them commercial communications.

If a form filler checks the opt-in box, it indicates that they are willing to receive emails from you if the checkbox is left unchecked by default and they know that the emails would be commercial.

Any individual who gives out business cards has indicated that he or she is open to receiving emails with commercial content. When a business card is dropped at your tradeshow booth, it is assumed that the recipient is open to receiving emails with a commercial focus.

Generally speaking, you shouldn't use Covered Services to send emails or messages to addresses you don't have permission to email about the subject matter. We demand that the regulation above be followed in full.

When we state 100%, we don't include situations in which you have explicit, verifiable authority to send emails to that email address, but the recipient has designated it as spam. Remember that if someone chooses not to receive emails from you, their permission is considered revoked once it has been granted.

In particular, you must adhere rigorously to the following guidelines, which provide clarification on the previously mentioned Rule of Thumb:

You should obtain their express consent if you want to contact the person who received your email. You must keep enough documentation attesting to the fact that you have obtained consent from every receiver of emails you have sent using Covered Services.

You are prohibited from using Covered Services to import or send emails to email addresses you have purchased, lent, rented, or obtained from a third party, regardless of any quality or permission claims. Additionally, you must abstain from using email addresses you have gathered from other websites to send correspondence or import them into your Covered Services account.

You are responsible for ensuring that the routing and header data, including the email address, originating domain name, and "From" and "To" fields, are correct and accurate.

Utilizing subject lines that deceive the receiver regarding the message's content or topic is forbidden.

You must include a simple unsubscribe option in every email you send and stop sending emails to those who have chosen to remove themselves from your mailing list. The requester should be removed from the list within ten days of the request date. All emails sent using Covered Services must contain your current physical postal address.

In all marketing emails, you must clearly state that the message is a solicitation or advertisement and that the receiver may choose not to receive any more from you.

Regardless of whether you have sent marketing emails to the email addresses you have imported into your Covered Services, we reserve the right to ask you to demonstrate that you have explicit authorization to send emails to such addresses at any point.

You agree to the Anti-Spam Policy without reservation by using the Covered Services.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries concerning our anti-spam policy or wish to report any spamming activity by one of our clients. You can contact the abuse department at

Refund policy

Monthly Subscription

If you encounter any issues or concern, rest assured that our friendly support team is here to help. We'll make complete support to address your concerns, provide solutions or offer a time frame for resolution that meets your needs. In case if we’re unable to meet your requirements, you will receive a refund credit for the unused period of time that will be adjusted in the next bill.

Quarterly/Annual subscriptions

We guarantee you that your long-term payment plan (Quarterly and Annual) will not be affected by any issue that you may face during the subscription period, which saves you about 10% and 20% of the subscription value. If you encounter any issues, our well trained support team is here to help. We do our best to resolve the issue within a given time period. If we’re unable to meet your requirements, you will receive a refund credit for an unused period of time that will adjusted in the next bill.

No refund upon misunderstanding

We recommend reviewing our detailed product descriptions and all workflow processes before purchasing. We have many videos and training materials explaining the features and functionalities of our products. If you have any concerns regarding our product, we’re encouraged to contact our support team for assistance and resolution. Please be informed that refunds won't be given in cases where users have misinterpreted/misunderstood the functionalities of the product.

Changes to our refund policy

If we decide to revise our Refund Policy, we will modify those changes on this page; you will receive a notification through email. Your continued use of these services after any change in this Refund will constitute your acceptance of such change. If there are any concern regarding this refund policy, you may contact us at